"...Sang camar tak akan pernah berhenti berceloteh, ia akan terus berceloteh untuk membongkar rahasia di balik apa yang ia lihat, ia dengar dan ia rasakan...Meski pada akhirnya peluru menembus tubuhnya, ia tak peduli..."

The Love of "J"

Selasa, 01 Juli 2008

[9:43:47 PM] J says: what's wrong with you?
[9:43:51 PM] J says: what’s happened?
[9:45:53 PM] J says: i don't know the reason why i love you, at first i just wanted to talk to you, i wanted to know you, i wanted to know this guy, i was curious about you and when we started talking, i wanted to talk more with you
[9:46:29 PM] J says: then somehow i wanted to spend time with you, that's why i asked you to go with me
[9:46:47 PM] J says: and i tried to go to you every time when i saw you smoking
[9:47:32 PM] J says: babe, there's something i can't really explain, maybe just as what you said, it's instinct
[9:48:11 PM] J says: just somehow i am attracted by you, i kept searching for you in the conference room, the dining hall, outside of the rooms
[9:48:59 PM] J says: and the last night, i just wanted to stay with you, accompanied you
[9:50:10 PM] J says: i don't know how can i make you believe me.....
[9:50:34 PM] J says: but it really makes me sad that you don't believe
[9:50:44 PM] J says: you don't believe me
[9:56:30 PM] J says: i like you don't talk much, but you talk true; i like behind your cool appearance, you have a passionate and warm heart; i like you looks cold, but actually you are crazy...
[9:57:14 PM] J says: what do you want from me?
[9:58:56 PM] J says: i don't know if your serious or just kidding with me again, but i don't want to be questioned anymore, i don't want that i am so true to on person, and i am really trying to go to him, but he doesn't believe me, or even doesn't care
[10:01:47 PM] J says: you really hurt me
[10:03:29 PM] J says: i thought we can be happy, and you really made me happy and felt loved, even though it doesn't seem like we can meet each other soon, but i want to try to be with you, i want to keep your heart
[10:05:31 PM] J says: but now, you make me cry
[10:06:00 PM] J says: and you don't care
[10:50:57 PM] J says: are you sure you really love me?
[10:51:32 PM] J says: are you sure you really want me?
[10:51:59 PM] J says: are you sure you will be good to me?
[11:03:37 PM] J says: babe... i really love you, please don't make me sad like this anymore....



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